About Us

EMS has a team of health management advisors to help guide you towards the best healthcare solutions.

Ralph Blackwelder Jr. started as an insurance agent in 1991.  As the father of 10 children (5 with chronic illnesses), Ralph gained a heightened awareness of the healthcare challenges that many people face.  At the time, Ralph was told that his family was “uninsurable” because of his children’s medical issues.  As Ralph struggled to find solutions, he realized that many people are lost navigating a complex healthcare system.

Ralph’s experience inspired him to help others identify innovative healthcare solutions.  In 2004 he started a consulting business to improve healthcare access and affordability for his clients and their employees.  Ralph began to teach employers how to create programs that would recognize and support the unique circumstances and opportunities of individuals.   By providing education, enrollment specialists, and financial support, employers could develop an environment that allowed employees and their dependents to utilize the healthcare options that best fit their needs; whether in or out of the group health plan.  As members then chose to take advantage of alternate resources, many employers found that the costs of healthcare became more balanced and sustainable.

Enrollment Management Services is the result of Ralph’s effort to create the staffing, tools, processes and training needed to serve a larger market.  Our mission is to help agents, employers, and employees make informed and efficient healthcare decisions in ways that improve access and member satisfaction while reducing risk and cost.  The EMS approach makes it possible to manage health insurance costs while maintaining company culture and morale.