Customized Options Plans that Fit Your Needs When it comes to healthcare benefits, you have choices. EMS helps businesses and their employees find comprehensive solutions that manage care and cost. EMS and Employers Modernize Your Benefit Strategy In today’s world, the growing costs of healthcare are a big concern for many employers. By developing programs that better support employees’ unique insurance options, EMS has helped many employers save 10-20% of their total healthcare spend. LEARN MORE EMS and Families & Individuals Improve Access to Healthcare EMS Works with families individually to help them understand all their insurance options. As families learn about other opportunities, they can take advantage of the resources that best meet their unique needs. LEARN MORE

It’s great to have lots of choices – until it becomes time to choose.

Do you have a process to educate and support employees around all the available healthcare benefit choices?  The EMS Process can improve the overall experience for your employees and improve cost outcomes for your organization.  

The EMS Process in action:

  1. Spending time helping individuals understand their options and then work through the red tape that comes with making benefit changes.
  2. Working with employers to develop key performance indicators and financial motivations that help facilitate change and lower costs

Step Outside the Group Plan

EMS for Employers

Smart businesses know employee benefits can attract and retain talent.  At EMS, we help employers develop programs that support employees with insurance options that fall outside the group’s plan.  When employees take advantage of other resources, they get customized coverage and employers have a sustainable way to manage healthcare costs.

EMS for Employees & Individuals

Families come in different shapes and sizes so employee benefits should too.  Group health insurance is a great resource, but it may not always be the best option for every situation.  EMS works with individual families to help them understand other opportunities and to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Why it Matters

Based on his family’s unique healthcare experiences, Ralph Blackwelder started Enrollment Management Services in 2004 to help other families navigate the complex healthcare system.  

Learn How EMS Can Help You!

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